in the very beginning of this project, the traditional folk song Bella Ciao was translated partially into Mohiks. Singing the language or bits of it is a good way to remember and utilize the language. Consider it a fun mnemonic device. Or just a good way to get the stuff into your head.

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Under Construction

This will hopefully be the unofficial homepage to the Brotherton Nation’s language revival project. As a nation, Mohegan was the language that was sustained the longest by our parent tribe so it is also the language chosen for study.

The recorded language that has words specific to how we may have spoken about a century and a half ago is Mohegan. This site will hopefully house some activities, but using Brotherton words when they come up (considering we’re Brotherton), with no intention of superseding the work of “Morning Fire” Fielding with her excellent Mohegan Language Project.

With luck this site will have links to other resources in regards to learning the Mohegan language as well as a few activities.