Greeting Card Exchange

This is a little donation program for our Brotherton, Mohegan, Pequot, and related elders. We ask: tribal members only for the sake of the program head’s sanity.

Do you have an elder that would like to receive a good old-fashioned card in the mail at Christmas time? Think it will make the season a bit more cheery for them?

Then send their name and verifiable address in the contact form below. Please be clear on what they should receive: something with Christian imagery or something as neutral as possible.  All information must be supplied before December 1, and you must submit an address every year as I purge the mailing list forever on January 1 for privacy reasons. Addresses must be submitted before December 1.

We are also taking donations to help with the cause. This can be blank greeting cards, stamps, and even money by Paypal although this not a tax deductible venture. It’s just a little something we are doing, nothing more. We recommend you send stamps and cards instead of money. We also would greatly appreciate legible handwritten anonymous notes on index card-sized papers or inside new greeting cards to send.  Be sure and tell our elders how appreciated they are if you choose to do that! (English or Mohegan with translation only, please. All other languages cannot be accepted.)

During the first week of December, greeting cards will then be mailed to our elders. For privacy and safety reasons, we will not be giving out anyone’s address even if they volunteer to help with the workload for now. This is just a small venture and we would hate it if anyone were hurt because we’re trying to spread good cheer and togetherness.

Currently we are also taking addresses to send neutral greeting cards to elders who may be isolated because of the nation’s situation. We are only taking addresses until the end of April.

When submitting an address, please specify if  you want them to get a Christmas card, a card because of quarantine isolation, or both. Because of limitations with the form, you may have to enter an address more than once if you want more than one type of mailing.

Fill out the form below.


To send donations, a P.O. box will be provided in the near future. You can send monetary donations to: spearcarrier @ gmail . com.  Emails to that address may go unanswered.